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Ingramspark Review: Read This Before Using It! (PROMO CODE)

Just for reading this post, you get a 50% discount off IngramSpark’s $49 print and ebook title setup fee. All you have to do is enter this case-sensitive IngramSpark promo code: EXPERT. (Don’t worry, we’ll post another reminder about this coupon a little further down).

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How to Get an ISBN in 10 Minutes (2021 Update)

Without an ISBN, you rope yourself off from those avenues and their valuable potential for sales. A quick word about libraries: They may not be the first thing that jumps to an indie author’s mind when they think of viable places for their book, but in the United States, libraries spend over $3 billion annually on reading materials.

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Cash Back – A Funny Short Story by Jessica Buford – Reedsy

The very same that could have found some coupons for her before she checked out. When she finally spoke to the clerk they informed her that there was no way to undo the cash back. She would have to keep the $20 and all the fees that the Mastercard miser would tack onto it.

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Blind Date – A Romance Short Story by Mike Olsen – Reedsy

She was giving out thirty percent off coupons to the traffic of people walking past the store. Myles knew this was his last chance to find a suitable gift. He browsed the store for a few minutes, checking the time constantly to ensure he would still be on time.

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Stacey – A Inspirational Short Story by Zilla Babbitt

I got up and checked the mail. Mostly junk mail, just a few advertisements, coupons, and the water bill. I opened that first and blinked at it. I set it aside and went through the coupons. Then I picked up the advertisements. The first announced a new kind of washing machine, which we couldn’t afford. The second was an ad for a cooking

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Found You – A Mystery Short Story by Nayab Ahmar – Reedsy

Pulling the blanket off, you jump off the bed and back away- not realizing you're getting further and further into the darkness of your room. Distracted by the persistent scratching, it takes a moment for you to realize the presence of someone behind you. In the corner of the room, in the cover of darkness, a figure stands silently.

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From Whom to Where? – A Short Story by Chris B – Reedsy

Peter had found the hefty strip of paper lying sealed in an envelope amidst a pile of bills and coupons on the floor under the mail slot of his townhouse’s front door after a rowdy night of partying where he had accidentally fallen off a fourth-story balcony.

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Ivy Moonlit – Reedsy Prompts

“Ima go check the mail Jake, be back in a minute!” I heard an okay from the shower, grabbed the keys and went downstairs. I headed to our mailbox and flipped through the mail. Newspapers, fliers, some coupons making me want to drag Jake on another date. We don’t go out as much now that we live together.

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Lulu Publishing Review: READ THIS Before You Use Them!

Lulu binding options for books over 20 pages (which we hope yours is!) Speaking of which, while the upload process only takes a minute, you will have to spend some time formatting your book beforehand. Lulu has very specific requirements for PDFs, as outlined on this page.. Though formatting your PDF according to these rules isn't a deal-breaking hassle, it does make things more complex than

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Vellum Review: Read This Guide Before Using It!

First off, let’s cover what Vellum is, as well as the different packages and pricing available. What is Vellum? Vellum is a book creation tool for Mac that allows you to professionally format books for publication. The Vellum software is free to download and use, but you’ll need to purchase a package to actually export your files to publish.

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