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Actived: Friday Jan 22, 2021

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People Are Sharing Pics Of The Worst Software Fails They

I Got A Coupon Code For 30% Off Bluetooth Headphones That Ended Up Being 98% Off When I Entered The Code. jessie_jaaaayyy Report. Final score: 605 points. POST. DforDorothy. DforDorothy. Community Member • Follow Unfollow. 6 months ago. Best of the bugs! Good for you! 😉

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30 People Share Loopholes That They Exploited For Years

In the packet was coupons. Particularly a 10% off coupon for Lowes. So every time we had a project, or a big purchase, we'd hit up the post office first and get an address change packet, grab the Lowes coupon, and just toss the rest of it in the recycling. We did this countless times over the course of a few years before they finally

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People From Different Households Were Given $100 To Spend

How we spend $100 at the grocery store and what it means to us will vary wildly depending on our personal spending habits, our tastes, and our current financial situation.

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This Company Makes Exact Plush Toy Copies Of Your Pets

The Cuddle Clones toy company makes custom plush-toy replicas of pets from photos sent in by their clients. The company's founder, Jennifer Graham, came up with the idea for custom plushies when hanging out with her Great Dane, Rufus. When he passed away in 2009, she finally created a stuffed-animal replica, and now other users have also started memorializing their pets with Cuddle Clones.

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30 Funny Responses By Gullible People That Believed These

'The Onion' is a satirical 'media outlet' that was created by Scott Dikkers in the late 1980s. In a speech at Marquette University in his home state of Wisconsin, Dikkers clarified that satire articles and fake news are completely different. "It's satire. It's totally different from fake news, and it bothers me when those fake news organizations are basically out there printing lies or

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49 Stories From People Who Met A Real Life 'Karen' | Bored

According to Know Your Meme, a Wiki-style site and one of the cornerstones of internet history, it's unclear where exactly "Karen" began being used as a pejorative character.It argues that "Karen" the meme might've started with the 'Oh My God, Karen, You Can’t Just Ask Someone Why They're White' meme from Mean Girls.Others believe that the popularity of the name may come from the character

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53 People Who Found Ways To Cheat The System

Even though rules are often in place to keep things in order, some seem like they're there to keep things less fun. Well, it wouldn't be human nature if people didn't try to cheat the system when the opportunity presented itself.

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Cutie & The Beast: Girl And Doberman Do Everything

This cutie and her beast are the adorable three-year-old Siena and “Buddha,” her two-year-old Doberman. The unusual couple have been gaining popularity on social media through the photos of their antics, and because many consider a Doberman to be an unusual companion for a little girl.

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