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Do you need an experienced and reliable heating, cooling, & electrical specialist? Count on Superior Heating, Air Conditioning & Electrical, Inc. to deliver fast and precise services. Call today at (763) 422-1721 for services available 24/7.

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Anoka, MN Gas Line Repair Services & Gas Pipe Installation

Plus, save on a range of our services - just mention our coupons when you call. Signs You Have a Gas Leak. Gas leaks are not difficult to spot. The telltale sign that you have a leak on your hands is the rotten egg smell that gas line companies add to natural gas in order to make leaks easier to detect. Other signs include:

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Anoka, MN Heating | 5 Ways to Save Money on Your Utility Bill

Turn Off Lights. Lights that are not being used are one of the biggest causes of high utility bills. A simple way to eliminate this cost is by turning off lights in rooms that are not being used. With this simple action, you can slash approximately $110 per year. This includes turning off radios and televisions that are not being used.

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Elk River Heating Repair | Furnace Installation

As your home cools off this winter, don’t let your furnace take you by surprise. Call Superior Heating, Air Conditioning & Electrical, Inc. at (763) 422-1721 for regular maintenance and repair services.

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Prevent Costly Repairs with These Monthly HVAC Maintenance

Prevent Costly Repairs with These Monthly HVAC Maintenance Tips Just like any other vital piece of equipment in your life, such as your vehicle, you realize the importance of regular maintenance to keep it working to its optimal function. The same logic holds true regarding your HVAC system. Regular, preventative maintenance allows you to know…

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Anoka Backflow Testing and Certification Anoka, MN

Anoka Backflow Testing & Certification. Looking for reliable backflow testing and certification services? Call 763-422-1721 to schedule an immediate visit from our Anoka plumbers.

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Brooklyn Park Heating Repair | Furnace Installation

A furnace that randomly turns on and off. On the other hand, you can recognize that your furnace needs replacement when the small repairs stop working. If your furnace constantly breaks down, is older than 10-15 years old, or wastes a great deal of energy, then you might want to consider replacement.

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Andover Electrician | Electrical Repair & Installation

Your home’s electrical system should be handled by trained and experienced electricians. At Superior Heating, Air Conditioning & Electrical, Inc., your safety is our top priority. Schedule an appointment by calling (763) 422-1721 today!

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Checking Your Heating System for Common Problems

Checking Your Heating System for Common Problems. The people of Westeros say it best: “winter is coming.” The last thing you want to happen is to have your heating system break down as temperatures are dipping into the single digits.

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Anoka Heating | Heater Maintenance

If the heater in your Anoka area home is not working so hot, it's high time you call Superior Heating, Air Conditioning, and Electric at (763) 422-1721. We've got you covered from installation to repairs and everything in between!

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A New Thermostat Can Do More Than You Think! - Superior

There is one thing that can actually save you a bundle, but many people just brush off as unimportant - your programmable thermostat. Traditional Versus Digital Setback Thermostats This little device is a great start to saving a lot of greenbacks now and down the road.

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